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From GIXRD, TEM and ED results, it can be concluded that the Ti-implanted Si layer with a dose of 1015 cm-2(average volume concentration of 3-1020 cm-3 in the implanted thickness) and further PLM annealed at the highest energy density (0.8 Jcm-2) presents an excellent reconstruction of the crystal structure. Higher doses have a polycrystalline structure […]

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The fitting obtained with the ATLAS code and with the analytical model are remarkably similar in spite of the different starting hypothesis. In the first case, we assume a heterojunction between the TIL and the substrate and in the second one the limitation is due to a generic temperature-dependent resistance. In this second case,we use […]


RBS profiles have been obtained for doses of 1015, 5-1015 and 5-1016 cm-2 both in random and channeling configuration. The Ti peak is clearly observed at energies close to 1,650 keV, which is far from the maximum backscattered energy due to the Si surface (1,330 keV). The area of this peak is proportional to the […]