Category: Towards High-Efficiency Organic Solar Cells: Polymers and Devices Development

Experimental procedure

All GaAsN films were grown by CBE on high conductive n – or p-type GaAs 2° off toward [010] substrate using Triethyl gallium ((C2H5)3Ga, TEGa), Trisdimethylaminoarsenic ([(CH3)2N]3As, TDMAAs), and Monomethylhydrazine (CH3N2H3, MMHy) as Ga, As, and N sources, respectively. The flow rates TEGa = 0.1 sccm and TDMAAs = 1.0 sccm were considered as conventional […]

Fundamental concept of DLTS

1.1.1 Capacitance transient To fully understand DLTS, it is worth to have a basic knowledge of capacitance transients arising from the SCR of Schottky contacts or p+-n/n+-p asymmetric junctions. If a pulse voltage is applied to one of these device structures that is originally reverse-biased, the SCR width decreases and the trap centers are filled […]