Category: Towards High-Efficiency Organic Solar Cells: Polymers and Devices Development

4.2 Hole traps in GaAsN grown by CBE

4.2.1 DLTS spectra and properties of hole traps in GaAsN Here, we only focus on the hole traps that coexist in all p-type GaAsN based Schottky junctions and n+-GaAs/p-GaAsN heterojunction. The difference between these two structures is the temperature range in which the DLTS measurements can be carried out due to the freeze-out of carriers. […]

Effect of E1 on minority carrier lifetime in GaAsN

The effect of £1 on the electrical properties of GaAsN can be evaluated through the calculation of minority carrier lifetime using the SRH model for generation-recombination (Hall, 1952; Shockley & Read, 1952). Such parameter has been estimated to be less than 0.2 ns as a result of the calculation according to *E1 =( VthnOE1NE1 11 […]