Tandem cell

The tandem junction cell is a high-performance silicon solar cell, which is best suited for terrestrial solar power systems. The most distinctive design feature of this device is the use of only back contacts to eliminate the metal shadowing effects because of lower conversion efficiency and steady-state bias requirement. Here we discuss tandem devices consisting […]

Material characterization of hybrid solar cells

Relating to the configuration of hybrid SCs like HJ SCs or dye-sensitized SCs, various materials have been suggested by research groups. The BHJ devices were characterized by an interpenetrating network of donor and acceptor materials, providing a large interface area where photo-induced excitons could efficiently dissociate into separated electrons and holes. However, the interpenetrating network […]

Hybrid Solar Cells Based on Silicon

Hossein Movla1, Foozieh Sohrabi1, Arash Nikniazi1, Mohammad Soltanpour3 and Khadije Khalili2 1Faculty of Physics, University of Tabriz 2Research Institute for Applied Physics and Astronomy (RIAPA), University of Tabriz 3Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Tabriz Iran 1. Introduction Human need for renewable energy resources leads to invention of renewable energy sources such as […]