Category: Polymeric Materials for Solar Thermal Applications

The Limit is Dependent on the Absorber Temperature and on the Ambient Temperature

This limiting behavior can be observed, for example, in the case of an adequate thermotropic layer that is mounted on the inner side of the glazing of the collector. This type of temperature limitation is only satisfying in the case of non-selective absorbers and double glazed collectors because a good thermal coupling from the thermotropic […]

Discontinuous Efficiency Curves

Robert Hausner 18.6.1 Description of the Specific Test and Test Procedure Within EN 12975-2, the following tests and calculation procedures are concerned with discontinuous efficiency curves of polymeric collectors with temperature limiting measures, such as thermotropic layers, temperature-controlled ventilation, or other active or passive measures. In the following chapters of EN12975 second-order dependencies on the […]

Typical Data for Ice Stones Test of Different Sizes (According to EN12975 and to PV Norms such as EN61646 etc.)

The destruction limit for flat plate collectors with toughened glass is in the range of about 45 mm diameter and normative impact speed of 30.7 m s—1 Impacts at lower levels usually do not cause any problems. Typical Normative Requirements So far the impact resistance test is not mandatory for the European certification. It […]

Why this is a Problem for Polymeric Collectors or Why this Test does not Reflect the Requirements for Polymeric Collectors

The impact resistance test is not only a problem for polymeric collectors but also for other collectors such as evacuated tube collectors. There are no real doubts about the suitability to assess the impact resistance using the current methods. Depending on the norm, certification scheme, or also building insurance codes the required impact energies may, […]