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Citizens Towards the Sun, Towards Freedom – the Solar Age Begins

The most human vision for 21st century is called the Solar Age. We are able to achieve a 100% renewable energy supply within the next 40 years. We do not need oil from the Middle East, nor gas from Siberia, nor uranium from Australia. We have all energy carriers that we shall need for the future at our doorstep: sun, wind, hydro power, geothermal energy, biofuels from farmlands and woods.

According to a study from the European Commission world’s energy supply in the year 2050 could look like this:

• 40% Solar power

• 30% Biomass

• 15% Wind power

• 10% Hydro power

• 5% Oil

A path towards an economic, ecological, peaceful and forever sustainable energy supply is demonstrated in that study...

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Foreword by Dr. Franz Alt

TV-Journalist, editor and bestseller author.

German Solar Award 2004 and 1994, Human Rights Award 2003, Newsletter Award 2003, Environment Online Award, “Top Business Site” 2002, European Solar Award 1997, Environment Award “Golden Swallow” 1992, Siebenpfeiffer-Award 1987, Karl-Hermann-Flach Award, Drexel-Award, Hans-Thoma Medal 1983, Adoph Grimme Award 1979, Bambi TV-Award 1978.

The Solar Energy Change is Possible

At the last UN W orld Summit the condition of our planet has been described

as follows:

• half of the world’s population has to survive with less than 2 € a day

• 26,000 people are dying each day of hunger and of lack of water

• the industrialized countries consume as much coal, gas and oil per day as nature generates within 500,000 days

• each 32 hours the US ...

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Solar Electric Power Generation – Photovoltaic Energy Systems

There is anxiety throughout the world concerning reserves of energy. The demand for electricity has increased of late years at an exponential rate, and if the demand for coal oil and gas has nearly followed a straight-line law, the slope of the line has been such as to cause concern among individual nations as to when their own supplies of fossil become exhausted, and to the world in general as to possible sources of energy when there is no more coal or oil. . . In consequence of this position, there is the greatest activity all over the world to eke out coal reserves by using other sources of energy.

From Nature 5 August 1950


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