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Benefits of the I-SHS

• Ease of installation • Significant reduction of system costs • Increased efficiency via low cell temperature operations • Increased reliability via pre-manufactured and pre-tested units • Standard AC output (“Plug and Play”) • Optional use of hot water as a by-product. Further Development The combination of all suggested improvements leads to a gain […]

Balance of System Costs (BOS)

Since the foundation, support structure and mounting equipment are no longer required, significant reductions in installation costs and “turn-key” system costs are achieved. Together with improved aspects of maintenance and higher energy yields, PV electricity is becoming more available. Once the I-SHS has been placed at an appropriate site, it has just to be filled […]

The Integrated Solar Home System (I-SHS) Composition of the system This project has been carried out by Fabian Ochs, a master student of the author, during 2001/02. Figure 10.25 shows the basic layout of the system: The PV generator consists of two parallel-connected, frameless 30 Wp modules. Located in the foundation structure are a maintenance-free lead-acid battery (12 V, 105 […]

Construction, Operation and Measurement of TEPVIS in Africa

In September 1995 a TEPVIS-tank was ordered at a locksmith’s shop in Harare (Zimbabwe). The material used for the construction was galvanized steel [21] (see Fig. 10.20). Fig. 10.20. Tank for reduction of cell temperature and serving as module mount/ foundation, manufactured in Harare (Zimbabwe) by galvanized sheet steel (without internal convection aid). Two PQ […]

Preliminary Work for the Reduction of Temperatures in PV Modules

Research on an increase of PV-efficiency and electrical power output by means of a reduction in operating cell temperature has been carried out by the author since 1989 in a Ph. D. thesis (see Krauter 1993c). The energy consumption of an active cooling system would not be compensated by the gain in increased energy generation, […]