5. Outlook

The quest and demand for clean and economical energy sources have increased interest in the development of solar applications. DSSCs have proved to be an alternative approach to the conventional silicon based solar cells. Research on DSSCs has grown rapidly in the recent years due to the several attractive figures of this interesting field: The […]


It also concerns a series connection of the cells while inner-connections are avoided. Unlike the z-module and monolith module that are manufactured in the same direction to the adjacent cell, the W-module secures a structure that are in an opposite direction of the adjacent cell. Hence, it does not require direct wiring or bus electrode […]

Manufacturing of Dye sensitized solar cells

While many research groups investigate the working principles of DSSCs and new developments have been achieved concerning their efficiency and large scale applications, new companies founded in the meanwhile try to carry DSSC technology in market place evaluating all process steps are needed for industrial production. Experimental results for small size solar cells cannot directly […]

Quasi-solid electrolytes

In some cases the very viscous ionic liquids but in most cases the composite organic/inorganic materials are referred as quasi-solid electrolytes. Nanocomposite organic/inorganic materials are constituted of two interpenetrating subphases which are mixed in nanoscale. The organic subphase is usually consisted of few surfactants or polyether chains and the inorganic subphase is made of an […]