The five companies below offer solar products through catalogues and on-line. They have interesting catalogues of products, books and specialized design services. There are many more companies like these around the world. Name Country of origin Products Website Real Goods USA Large line of solar and off-grid products www. realgoods. com Alternative Energy Engineering USA […]

Charge controllers and inverters

The list below provides a basic introduction to major inverter and charge controller suppliers in the off-grid market. Name Country of origin Products Website Phocos Germany Charge regulators, inverters, lights www. phocos. com Apollo Solar USA Charge controllers, inverters www. apollosolar. com Studor Switzerland Inverters, monitors www. studer-inno. com Blue Sky Energy USA Charge controllers […]

Standards, codes of practice and policy

Codes of practices guide the installation methods, choice of materials, workmanship and system maintenance, ensuring a long and safe lifetime for PV power systems. They provide the criteria by which systems can be inspected to ensure sustainable and safe operation. The following codes of practice and lists of pre-qualified products are available: International Electro-technical Commission […]

Lighting Africa

International finance organization dedicated to improving access to modern lighting services for low income groups in Africa. Helps in the promotion of low cost, high quality lighting products through networking, quality monitoring, policy initiatives and competitions. www. lightingafrica. org Solar Electric Light Fund International development organization promoting solar power and wireless communication, with many projects. […]