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Use of solar energy in the passive house

For providing high indicators of economy of energy resources in passive houses, application of solar energy is one of fundamental criteria. Use of solar energy in passive houses divide into two types: active use of solar energy; passive use of solarRead More

Thermal insulation applied in construction of the passive house

The thermal insulation of the passive house is one of the most important elements at design and construction of protecting designs. Designs of walls, roofs, the base should meet high requirements of thermal resistance. The material and thickness of aRead More

Ventilation in the passive house

The standard of the passive house means high level of tightness of construction for decrease in heatlosses through an external cover of the house. In this regard, it is almost impossible to achieve comfortable conditions of supply of fresh air in a roomRead More

Passive house: definition

The passive House, at present, is not a power standard, but expresses the concept of providing high level of comfort and energy saving. Exact definition looks as follows:» The passive house represents a building for which achievement of thermal comfortRead More