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New record for thin-film photo cells

Specialists of the German research center of solar and hydrogen power (Zentrums fur Sonnenenergie-und Wasserstoff-Forschung) achieved efficiency improvement for thin-film solar elements to value of 20,8 %, having established thus a new world record.Read More

New solar power station in the Crimea: photoreport

The Activ Solar company finishes commissioning on a solar power station in the general established capacity of 69,7 MWt in пгт Nikolaevka the Simferopol region of the Crimea. The solar power station Nikolaevka is located on the area ofRead More

Sun as power source

Each two weeks the Sun gives to Earth such quantity of energy which all inhabitants of our planet consume within a year. Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to sunlight as a power source. Radiation of each body in the nature possesses theRead More

The inverter for solar batteries

The inverter represents the device allowing to transform the direct current received from solar batteries in an alternating current. The direct current developed by photo-electric installation, can be used and without transformation, however in practiceRead More

Scheme of solar photo-electric system

The solar photo-electric system is formed by the following basic elements: photo-electric panels (united in the solar battery), the inverter, the controler, the block of storage batteries and the electric meter. Such scheme of electricity generationRead More

What is the solar battery

Usually the solar battery is meant the term of the panel of photo-electric converters (photo cells). The purpose of solar batteries is direct transformation of sunlight to the electric power. Structure of photo-electric installation The principle ofRead More

Comparison of single-crystal and polycrystalline solar elements. Infografika

Despite serious progress and application of various materials in the sphere of solar power, silicon still remains to the main «a construction material» for solar batteries. For this purpose use two main types of silicon for production of a solarRead More

Development of Photo cells

Photo cells are a key link in creation of solar batteries. As a rule, solar batteries consist of silicon with various extent of crystallization. Therefore, looking at separate cells of photo cells of the solar battery it is possible to see that they haveRead More