Category: Photovoltaic Sources


This Chapter presents an analysis of the fundamentals of feedback control for DC/ DC converters and an example of emulator design realized by a buck converter. The choice of the buck scheme is justified on the basis of the possibility to implement an appropriate control strategy for the emulation purpose. Both the PV model and […]

. Experimental Results

Figure 8.37 shows a picture of the experimental rack containing the PV emulator. At the top of the rack the DC power supply can be observed. The operation of the PV emulator has been tested by laboratory measurements. The used measurement system is composed by: • a digital oscilloscope with a bandwidth of 1 GHz […]

Control Board

The PV emulator control is experimentally implemented using the DSP-2 board developed at the Institute of Robotica of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Maribor, Slovenia. The DSP-2 board is a high performance, floating-point digital signal processor – based inverter controller. This board, in combination with DSP-2 library, can be successfully used for […]

DC/DC Buck Converter

The DC/DC buck converter is supplied by the TDK-Lambda GEN600-5.5 DC power supply because, with this solution, the maximum deliverable current can be elec­tronically limited and the PV emulator is galvanically isolated from the power grid. As an alternative, an isolation transformer and a bridge rectifier can be used to obtain the supply voltage for […]