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Buffer capacity for the thermal pump

Owing to specifics of operating modes, heating systems with use of the thermal pump should answer defined requirements for the minimum expense and heat-carrier volume. Besides, for thermal pumps of type air/water heat enough for a mode of a defrostingRead More

Efficiency of the thermal pump

Any thermal pump during operation has various value of development of energy and electricity consumption. These indicators depend on many factors which in one way or another influence operation of the thermal pump. Overall performance of the thermal pumpRead More

Operating modes and capacity of the thermal pump

The choice of an operating mode and rated power of the thermal pump depends both on a source of low-potential energy, and from type of heating system in a building. Important at the initial stage to define all factors for selection of the mostRead More

Types of thermal pumps

In modern engineering systems of a klimatizatsiya of buildings three types of thermal pumps are applied: parokompressionny, adsorbtsionny and absorbing. The most widespread type of thermal pumps - parokompressionny. Classification of parokompressionnyRead More