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Water thermal pump

The thermal pumps water / water use warmly podpochvenny (soil) waters, open reservoirs or technological cooling water. Ground waters are characterized by rather stable temperature 6. 15°C during the whole year. In comparison with other sourcesRead More

Factor of seasonal efficiency for various types of thermal pumps

As it is known COP (factor of transformation) thermal pump is inversely proportional to a temperature difference a boundary a source of low-potential heat and in temperature of the heat-carrier of heating submitted to system. The most effective systemRead More

Thermal pump: definition

The thermal pump is a device of transfer of thermal energy from a source with low temperature to the consumer with more high temperature. Air thermal pump The principle of operation of the thermal pump is based on all the well-known physical phenomenaRead More

Conditioning by the thermal pump

The thermal pump is universal car which can give out thermal energy as and to consume surplus of heat. It allows to solve a problem of cooling (conditioning) by the thermal pump of a building. It is one of advantages of the thermal pump concerning otherRead More

Air thermal pump

Air is the most available source of heat. As for receiving its heat it is not required any additional expenses. Climatic conditions of Ukraine are characterized by fluctuations of average temperatures of air during winter time from-8 °C to +6 °C, andRead More

Soil heat exchangers for the geothermal thermal pump

One of key elements of the geothermal thermal pump is the soil heat exchanger. Exactly thanks to this element the thermal pump receives low-potential heat. Correctly designed and established soil heat exchanger pledge of effective and reliable operationRead More

Soil thermal pump

Heat of soil on depth to 20 m is saved-up solar heat which passes to soil thanks to direct heating by sunshine, heat transfer from air or the dropped-out atmospheric precipitation. Warmly deeper layers, is lower 20 m (so-called «a neutral zone»)Read More

Wells for water thermal pumps

Ground waters are the most effective source of heat for the thermal pump. The temperature of ground waters has stable temperature during the whole year within 6-10? With, and thanks to the heatphysical properties water allows to receive the highest amongRead More