Category: Thin-Film Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells

Monocrystalline semiconductors

Quantum efficiency diffusion length Lq For planar monocrystalline sheets of Si material, the effective quantum efficiency diffusion length depends on the diffusion length L of the semiconductor, the back surface recombination velocity Sb, the base thickness Wbas, and the minority carrier diffusion coefficient Dn [24]. The value of LQmono equals the effective current-voltage diffusion length […]

Rear illumination

Illuminating the cell through the back achieves a higher sensitivity to the back surface recombination than illumination through the front surface. Obviously, the cell has to be bifacially sensitive to permit rear illumination. The quantum efficiency for back illumi­nation is [409, 410] IQE =———————- A——————– (C.9) cosh(^/I) + -^-sinh(^os/I) Here, plotting IQE versus La yields […]