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Design of a geliokollektorny field

Design of a geliokollektorny field is one of design stages гелиосистемы as a whole. Unlike coppers or thermal pumps specific productivity гелиосистемы is insignificant. The capacity received from sunlight, directly depends on the area of the absorbingRead More

Solar collector from 100 % of plastic

The Austrian company Sunlumo Technology GmbH developed the solar collector which has been completely made of plastic. This innovative technology allows to reduce the price of a solar collector for 50 % as there is no need to use expensiveRead More

Geliosistema with compulsory circulation of the heat-carrier

Main distinctive feature geliosisty with compulsory circulation the pump which is built in a heat-carrier contour is. It provides heat-carrier circulation through a solar collector. It allows to increase productivity гелиосистемы on the average by 30Read More

What is гелиосистема

The term geliosistema get the increasing urgency around the world in connection with constantly growing prices for energy carriers and ecologically adverse situation. Problems of energy saving become more and more sharp. This situationRead More

Efficiency of a solar collector in practice

In the previous article we already mentioned productivity of a solar collector, however there are still some factors which influence operability of solar collectors in гелиосистеме. As it was already mentioned, key parameters for an assessment of efficiencyRead More

Hybrid solar collectors of PVT

Hybrid solar collectors are capable to develop the electric power and thermal energy at the same time. This solar collector represents association of the photo-electric panel and a thermal solar collector and in abbreviated form the PVT panel is calledRead More

Review of the solar thermal industry of solrico 2011

The international agency on market and industry research in the sphere of solar thermal energy of solrico at the end of 2011 published next, already the fifth, the review of the solar thermal industry. As a key indicator of dynamics of theRead More

Sunlight in Ukraine

Intensity of sunlight call capacity of radiation of the Sun per surface unit of area, it is measured in watts on square meter (W/m ?). This size is not constant and all the time changes. From 50 W/m ? at strong overcast in the sky to 1 000 W/m ? at theRead More