Category: Solar Radiation Applications

Graphical visualization

To help visualize the results of this research, some formulas have been programmed by the authors in Matlab® computational language, which greatly enhances understanding of radiative exchange between emitting surfaces and receiving planes. 3D graphs have been produced for a generic semicircular emitter. Figure 7 shows a generic semicircular emitter that gives energy to a […]

Extension to three dimensional emitters – Configuration factor between a sphere and a differential element placed at a random position

After analyzing the previous form factors for the circle, a new question can be deducted. A sphere can be considered, in terms of radiative transfer as a circle [7], as the viewed area of the said sphere from a distant point equals always a circle, because only half of the emitter is visible. Let us […]

New Computational Techniques for Solar Radiation in Architecture

Jose M. Cabeza-Lainez, Jesus A. Pulido Areas, Carlos Rubio Bellido, Manuel-Viggo Castilla and Luis Gonzalez-Boado Additional information is available at the end of the chapter http://dx. doi. org/10.5772/60017 1. Introduction Many architectural examples rank among masterpieces for its beautiful and harmonious use of solar radiation. However, their creation had to rely solely on intuition because […]