Category History and Overview of Solar Heat Technologies

Charles A. Bankston

As we complete the ten-volume series with the publication of this vol^e, I, as editor-in-chief for the series, would like to express my sincere thanks to all those who have contributed in large and small ways to the com­pletion and success of the project.

The entire project is the result of the vision of Fred Morse, who con­ceived the series as a means of distilling and preserving the accomplish­ments of more than a decade of gove^ment solar energy research, development, and marketing activities for the benefit of future researchers and decision makers. His leadership, dedication, and determination guided the project through a myriad of bureaucratic, financial, and edi­torial obstacles...

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History and Overview of Solar Heat Technologies


The MIT Press Cambridge, Massachusetts London, England


Although the Solar Heat Technologies documentation project was ini­tiated in 1982, the current vol^e was not begun until 1994, when the other nine volumes in the series had either been published or were in the process of final editing. This unforeseen late start gave my two coauthors and me the benefit of drawing on the experience and insights of the many contributors to the other volumes.

Focusing on the political, institutional, and programmatic background of this major gove^ment research and development effon, we have attempted to provide a broad overview of the solar program, with emphasis on solar heat technologies, to encapsulate its results, and to draw some lessons for similar future programs...

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