Category: Nanophysics of Solar and Renewable Energy

GaAs-based Tandem Single-Crystal Cells, a Near Text-Book Example

The concept of the tandem cell is clearly shown in the spectral response curves published by the manufacturer Spectrolab, of the three-junction cell, shown in Figure 7.2. The complex multijunction GaAs-based cells are at a high state of development, building on experience in the Soviet space program and in the wide application of III—V semiconductor […]

A Smaller Scale Concentrator Technology Built on Multijunction Cells

A more modest system, in principle, similar to that described above is marketed by SolFocus. The individual parabolic glass mirrors are smaller and are packaged in arrays provided with two-axis tracking of the sun. A conceptual sketch for the SolFocus devices is shown in Figure 7.8. The literature suggests concentration in the range of 500-650. […]

Efficient Photocatalytic Dissociation of Water into Hydrogen and Oxygen

One element in this category is a cell for splitting water to produce hydrogen with sunlight, called photocatalytic splitting of water. Direct photocatalytic water splitting is not easy to accomplish. Efficiency is needed in the several steps: absorption of photons to create electron-hole pairs, in their transport to the water interface, in dissociating the water, […]