Category: Nanophysics of Solar and Renewable Energy

Impact Ionization and Carrier Multiplication

The “Li-drifted germanium detector” (http://en. wikipedia. org/wrki/Germanium_ detector#Germanium_detector.) is an elegant commercially available solid-state device to measure the energy of a single high-energy gamma ray photon. A pure single crystal of germanium is treated in a special way with lithium, so that the mean free paths of electrons and holes are larger than the dimensions […]

Further Aspects of Storage and Transport of Hydrogen

Commercial storage and transport ofhydrogen is conventionally at high pressure in steel cylinders, or aluminum-lined containers reinforced with carbon fibers, or as liquid in a cryogenic container. The network of hydrogen “filling stations” in California dispenses hydrogen at 5000 psi and at 10000psi (~330 bar to 660 bar). There are significant energy costs in pressurizing […]