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Aquifer storage

Aquifer heat storage plant – Artificial aquifer (Germany) SPEOS project (Switzerland) St. Paul Minnesota, USA field test facility (USA) Scarborough GOCB – Hot/cold aquifer thermal energy storage (Canada) О Tranas aquifer thermal energy storage (Sweden) Klippan aquifer thermal energy storage (Sweden) – 123 – SUMMARY SHEET: SEASONAL HEAT STORAGE DATA OP TOTAL SYSTEM [13] [14] […]

Comparison of Fixed-Temperature and Fixed-Load Results

Table 6.4 compares the calculated annual energy collected at a constant mean temperature of 70°C (the mean storage temperature for the seasonal calculation) for Albuquerque, Boston, and Kew. The energy collected at 70°C was read from the graphs in an earlier section, while the seasonal-storage results came from Table 6.3. In general, the seasonal-storage calculations […]