Category: Renewable Energy

An Exceptional Sustainability Concept

by Christian Matt | Matthias Schuler This example of a German therapy center including residential accommodation shows how an intelligent concept is capable of cleverly joining ecology and economy. Furthermore, the combined biofuel and cogeneration unit of the neighboring farmer makes even the heating largely autonomous. T he architectural office of Michel, Wolf and Partners […]

Aquifer Reservoirs for Energy Management – Reichstag and Neubrandenburg

In the construction and the energy management of the new government buildings along the River Spree in Berlin, future – oriented, environmentally responsible and exemplary en­ergy concepts were required [2]. The energy-supply sys­tem of the Berlin parliament buildings therefore contains, along with components for combined heat-cooling-power production, two aquifer storage reservoirs (Figure 2). The heat […]

Electric Automobiles

by Andrea Vezzini Electric cars indeed operate emission-free when the pow­er for charging their batteries comes from renewable sources (Figure 1). Even when their power is generated from fossil sources, they show a good C02 balance, since they utilize the electrical energy very efficiently. Our mea­surements at the Bern University of Applied Sciences in Biel, […]

The Allure of Multicolored Images

by Michael Vollmer | Klaus-Peter Mollmann In this field, the word “infrared” is often replaced by “thermal”, so that one usually speaks of thermal cameras and thermal images. This basically positive development however creates some problems, in particular since the false-color images must be interpreted correctly. There are many traps lurking here, and we demonstrate […]

Existing OWC Projects

Between 1978 and 1986, in an international experiment ini­tiated by Japan, an OWC system was tested for the first time on a large scale: The ship Kamai’ carried out three series of tests in the Japan Sea in which turbines with up to a megawatt of power output were installed. Only in 1998 was the […]