Category: Renewable Energy

Energy Reserves from the Oceans

BY KAI-UWE GRAW An old dream of humanity is to make use of the almost im­measurable energy of ocean waves. Their destructive power has however up to now not permitted any economically rea­sonable design to survive for long, although there have been many promising attempts and approaches. T he reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, which […]

A Super Climate in the Greenhouse

by Roland Wengenmayr Large buildings full of people and machines that are sources of heat are a challenge to air-conditioning engineers. This is especially true of alternative designs, which dispense with energy-consuming air conditioning and make the most of natural resources such as winds and the chimney effect. L arge buildings often present a challenge […]

The Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC)

In the SOFC, a thin ceramic layer of yttrium-oxide-doped zir­conium oxide (YSZ) serves as electrolyte, allowing the pas­sage of oxygen anions at its operating temperature of 900 to 1000° C. The power output of the systems currently being test­ed ranges from one kilowatt for household energy provision using natural gas up to a pressure-driven 200 […]

Solar-Thermal Power as a Key Element

Steam and gas turbines powered by coal, uranium, oil and natural gas are today’s guarantees of power-grid stability. They provide base-load and peak-load power. However, tur­bines can also be operated with high-temperature heat from concentrating solar collector fields (Figure 5). Solar thermal power plants of this type with 30 to 80 MW output power have […]