Category: Renewable Energy

Existing OWC Projects

Between 1978 and 1986, in an international experiment ini­tiated by Japan, an OWC system was tested for the first time on a large scale: The ship Kamai’ carried out three series of tests in the Japan Sea in which turbines with up to a megawatt of power output were installed. Only in 1998 was the […]

And Where will the Hydrogen Come From?

Hydrogen can be produced from a variety of sources. The environmental-political requirement that it be produced from renewable sources limits the choice, and eliminates the current industrial production methods. Possible re- FIG. 2 A FUTURE PIPELINE NETWORK newable energy sources for hydrogen production are wind power and photovoltaics; they would provide power for the production […]

Battery Management System

These large high-power batteries require a battery man­agement system with refined monitoring and protection functions for the battery (Figure 4 [5]). In normal operation, only the monitoring functions are active; their principal tasks are: • Voltage, current and temperature monitoring: These primary data are used to derive other values. These in­clude for example the internal […]

Heat on Call

by Silke Kohler | Frank Kabus | Ernst Huenges In energy-supply systems with combined heat and power (CHP) generation, or also in con­nection with sustainable energy sources, especially solar energy, the question often arises as to how to store the thermal energy. This can involve short storage times such as hours or days, but it […]