Category: Modeling and Control of Sustainable Power Systems

Evaluations of Many-core GPU Implementation

This section evaluates the GPU implementation of CG series algorithms with Ja­cobi pre-conditioning, including CGNR + Jacobi preconditioning and CG + Jacobi preconditioning, in the context of power system state estimation and power flow applications. To ensure comparable results, we use the same test system as that in the previous sections. Power System State Estimation […]

Testing the System with VSI and Controllers

As discussed, two controllers (feedback controller for FC and inverter controller) are constructed using the equations discussed before. These controller are constructed to­gether because the PI feedback controller requires an AC feedback voltage from the inverter to calculate the DC feedback current. Both the inverter and fuel cell control­ler must then run together. In this […]

Reactive Power Support Requirements

3.1 Conceptual Discussion and Background Apart from VRT capability, another key requirement associated with the integra­tion of wind generation technology into the transmission grid has been the need for reactive power support. As in the case of VRT capability requirements, the in­creasing penetration of WGRs has resulted in the regional reliability organizations and/or utilities mandating […]

Modeling of DC-AC Converters in Microgrids

2.1 Microgrids Description In MGs, it is supposed there is a considerable penetration of DERs connected to the system (distribution network). As distribution networks are not designed for being active power systems, there might be various interactions between DERs and the distribution system. In the LV distribution networks, low X/R ratio is a clear difference […]

Power System Emission Control Using Electrical Energy Storage Systems

Hamid Falaghi and Maryam Khosravi Mahmooee Abstract. Increasing air pollution in recent decades has raised many environmen­tal concerns and affected the operation of electric power plants. On the other hand, energy storage systems with their fast-developing technologies are interesting op­tions to be used with various goals in planning and operation of power systems. In this […]