Category: Modeling and Control of Sustainable Power Systems

DFIG Frequency Control and Inertial Response – Dynamic Simulation

The Type III wind turbine model included in the sample “savnw” system, as dis­cussed in Section 4, has been utilized to perform illustrative simulations to dem­onstrate the inertial response option associated with DFIG machines. Figures 21 and 22 depict the active power and frequency response associated with the Type III turbine in the wake of […]

High Performance Computing for Online Smart Grid Analysis4

In modern distribution systems, many emerging features, such as the intermittency and uncertainty of renewable energy resources and bi-directional power flows, inevitably exacerbate system unpredictability and make distribution system analy­sis, protection, and control are more complex and dynamic. As a result, effective system management becomes difficult without online monitoring and analysis applications such as power […]