Category: Dynamic Modeling, Simulation and Control of Energy Generation

Dynamics and Aeroelasticity of Flexible Rotor Blades

Problems of structural dynamics and aeroelasticity of wind turbine rotors are relatively well understood. Major progress in the field of wind turbine rotor dynamics was achieved during last three decades of the twentieth century thanks to improvements in performance of modern computers and application of nonlinear elastic model-based analysis to both helicopter and wind turbine […]

Full-Authority Digital Engine Control Systems

Electronic controllers for jet engines were developed in the 1980s. Currently, the jet engine controllers use highly customized computers to synthesize the control laws with a number of sensor inputs and actuator outputs. Such electronic con­trollers result in higher engine operating efficiencies by allowing for precise engine control through the use of multiple control loops […]

Compressor Surge and Rotating Stall

Compressor surge and rotating stall vibrations place fundamental limitations on aircraft engine performance and remain persistent problems in the development of axial compressor and fan stages. Compressor surge and rotating stall are purelyfluid mechanic instabilities, while blade flutter, stall flutter, and surge flutter and their variants are aeroelastic instabilities involving both blade vibrations and fluid […]