Category: Dynamic Modeling, Simulation and Control of Energy Generation

Performance Characteristics of Synchronous Generators

There are three important performance features of a synchronous generator. The first is the power factor of the power delivered by the generator, and the second is its ability to be connected in parallel with other similar or dissimilar synchronous machines and run in synchronism with them. Finally, the minimum and maximum mechanical torque, essential […]

Blade Structural Dynamics

Rotating pretwisted beams exhibit interesting coupling phenomena between extensional, torsional, and flexural vibrations and have been the subject of extensive research due to their use as wind turbine rotor blades. Due to the complex geometry introduced by the pretwist, a number of approximate theories were developed for the analysis of non-rotating and rotating pretwisted blades. […]

Offshore and Floating Support Structures

The availability of wind energy at offshore locations, particularly in the North Atlantic Ocean adjoining several northern European nations, the United Kingdom, North America as well as at several other locations on the planet offers the pos­sibility of extracting significantly large quantities of power. A single offshore wind turbine with a rotor diameter up to […]

Fuel Cell Electrochemistry and Electrocatalysis

The electrochemical reactions occurring in a FC at the anode are H2 — 2H+ + 2e~, where the corresponding anode thermodynamic potential is E0a = 0.00 V under SHE (under standard hydrogen electrode conditions). At the cathode, the corresponding electrochemical reactions are O2 + 4H+ + 4e~ — 2H2O. Again, the corresponding cathode potential is […]

Batteries: Modeling and State of Charge Estimation

7.1 Introduction In a battery, reduction and oxidation reactions occur at each of the two electrodes, which are separated by an ionically conductive electrolyte. Typically in a battery, several electrochemical cells are connected in series to provide fixed electromotive force or voltage. Unlike a fuel cell, an electrochemical cell used in a battery is one […]