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Sound statistics on renewable energies are important in order to ascertain energy balances at the country level, being the essential basis for market analysis, successful policy-making and evaluation. Heat production is not usually metered, but can be crudely assessed on the basis of total capacityof the number of installed systems and an estimate of heat […]

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Instruments Financial support and installation advice is provided through the Energy Saving Trust and Energy Efficiency Best Practice in Housing programme. Action Energy also provides information and advice for businesses on geothermal installations (EGEC, 2006). Carrot. In 2000 the Energy Crops Scheme, a 6-year grant scheme worth a total of €26.9 M (£17.9 M[91]) was […]


A lesson can be drawn from the German Market Incentive Program (MAP) and its fluctuating budget for renewable heating (Annex B4). The policy was successful in stimulating the market for solar thermal and was supported by the majority of the financial subsidies available under the programme. However, fluctuations in the available budget were reflected in […]