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Path dependency

In some countries REHC is already widespread. This can be partially explained by existing path dependencies such as woody biomass used for district heating in Sweden. In countries where there is no history of district heating, then it would be more difficult to introduce a biomass district heating system because the paradigm shift from distributed […]


Geothermal heat (primarily from shallow, low-temperature sources) is responsible for 3% of the total renewable heat supply in the 12 nations examined. Most of the heat generated is captured in geothermal heat pumps whose markets have grown considerably in recent years (Section 3). Good potential exists for the expansion of both shallow and deep geothermal […]

Action Plan and to lead promotional efforts such as training, quality assurance, and after-sales service. Subsidies of €200 per kW[20] were offered

SwissEnergy, the successor program to the Energy 2000 Action Plan, builds cooperation between the federal government, Swiss cantons, and local authorities with industrial, consumer, and environmental organizations and public and private sector agencies by implementing voluntary measures based on performance mandates. Based upon these performance mandates, target agreements are established with companies and sectors specifying […]


Renewable heat policy ^9° ^4* „сры „рФ ^Ч1 ,рФ „cfP,^0° ^СЛ – ^СЛ» Instruments Carrot. Between 1981 and 1985, interest-free state loans were available to single family and multi­family dwellings in support of geothermal heat-pumps (GHPs). Direct reimbursement subsidies and income tax reductions were also offered in step with the total cost of installations (EGEC, […]


Sound statistics on renewable energies are important in order to ascertain energy balances at the country level, being the essential basis for market analysis, successful policy-making and evaluation. Heat production is not usually metered, but can be crudely assessed on the basis of total capacityof the number of installed systems and an estimate of heat […]