Category: Renewable Energy Integration

Model Simplification

The detailed representation of wind farms with DFIG wind turbines is quite complex. However, it can be simplified assuming that the power coefficient (Cp) is always equal to the maximum value because the control mechanism of the DFIG wind turbine maintains its power-speed characteristics such that Cp is always tracking its maximum value (in this […]

DC-DC Converter

The power losses in a power electronic DC-DC converter can be divided into conduction and switching losses, where conduction losses consist of inductor conduction losses and MOSFET conduction losses [28] (Fig.14.7). • Inductor Conduction Losses Inductor conduction losses is as follows Pl = I2L x Rl {14.17) where Rl is the DC-Resistance of the inductor, […]

Smart Grid State Estimation

Smart Grid State Estimation needs to face the new requirements and challenges of the future renewable energy based sustainable self-healing intelligent smarter grid. Different new aspects will have significant impact on the Smart Grid State Esti­mation. Three major aspects have been identified in [5] which will be discussed here briefly: (a) Development of Advanced Measurement […]

Optimal Siting and Sizing of Wind Turbines Based on Genetic Algorithm and Optimal Power Flow

Geev Mokryani and Pierluigi Siano Abstract This chapter proposes a hybrid optimization method for optimal siting and sizing of wind turbines (WTs) that combines genetic algorithm (GA) and market-based optimal power flow (OPF). The method jointly minimizes total energy losses and maximizes social welfare (SW) considering different combi­nations of wind generation and load demand. The […]

Power Flow Analysis and Reactive Power Compensation of Grid Connected Wind Energy Conversion Systems

J. Ravishankar Abstract The power flow analysis is the basic tool for analyzing the steady state operation of any power system. It also provides the necessary initial conditions to investigate the dynamic performance of the system. This chapter discusses the power flow analysis of grid connected wind energy conversion systems (WECS). The power flow analysis […]