Category: Renewable Energy Integration

Power System and Variable-Speed Wind Generator Model

This chapter demonstrates the potential contribution of variable-speed wind gen­erators to frequency regulation and oscillation damping in the EI. PSS®E has the capability to handle both large-scale power system dynamic simulation and wind generator modeling, thus is employed as the simulation tool in this chapter. The variable-speed wind generator model used and the buildup of […]

Power Management of Low and Medium Voltage Networks with High Density of Renewable Generation

M. A. Barik, H. R. Pota and J. Ravishankar Abstract This chapter presents a review of existing control techniques for load­sharing in low and medium voltage networks. The advantages and major draw­backs of each method are described here. An overall comparison is made to find out the best suitable method for the distribution systems of […]

Smart Grid Communication Technologies and their Applicability to MG Operation

A considerable amount of communication technologies that suite the needs of different applications targeted for SG is available. However, economical aspects along with technical limitation factors are among the main reasons for the use of particular technologies in detriment of others. The candidate technologies for the electric distribution networks can be associated with the use […]

BlackStart Methodology

After a general blackout, the MGCC will trigger the BS procedure, based on the information about the MG pre-disturbance load scenario. Following the MG res­toration strategy proposed in [8], the overall procedure can be organized in the following sequence of events: 1. MG status determination. The MGCC evaluates the network status both upstream and downstream: […]