Category: Renewable Energy Integration

Impact of G2V on Grid

First-generation mass-market PHEVs, such as the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf [10, 11], connect to the grid for only battery charging, which is the most basic configuration. G2V includes conventional and fast battery charging systems, and the latter can stress a grid distribution network because its power is high, as a typical PHEV requires more […]

DC-DC Converter

The power losses in a power electronic DC-DC converter can be divided into conduction and switching losses, where conduction losses consist of inductor conduction losses and MOSFET conduction losses [28] (Fig.14.7). • Inductor Conduction Losses Inductor conduction losses is as follows Pl = I2L x Rl {14.17) where Rl is the DC-Resistance of the inductor, […]

Genetic Algorithm

A genetic algorithm (GA) is a procedure used to find approximate solutions to search problems through application of the principles of evolutionary biology. The evolutionary process of a GA is a highly simplified and stylized simulation of the biological version. It starts from a population of individuals randomly generated according to some probability distribution, usually […]