Category: Renewable Energy Integration

. Discussion of Results

The convergence characteristics of the newly developed simultaneous method of power flow is compared with the existing sequential method of power flow analysis and it is found that the simultaneous method results in less number of iterations. For the particular WECS modelled, the effect of increasing the number of turbines with and without compensation is […]

Chapter Summary

In this chapter, the impact of G2V and V2G technologies on power system and the benefits and challenges with the requirements and strategies for the interconnec­tion between PHEVs and power system were reviewed. With the help of a bidi­rectional charger PHEVs can act like energy storage devices and serve the network whenever necessary. Unidirectional charger […]

Managing the MG Energy Balance Following Islanding

The MG frequency and voltage control mechanisms described in Sects. 12.3.1 and 12.3.3 ensure continuous power balancing and frequency restoration to nominal values during islanding operating conditions. However, the effectiveness of the strategies will depend on several operating conditions, such as: • MG storage capacity, which is essential to ensure primary frequency regulation. • Controllable […]