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Types of heat generation in Ukraine in 2016 and their cost

In 2016, private consumers of heat in Ukraine receive the heat from the following sources:

  1. The most common one is electricity, which means electric boilers, electric fireplaces and heaters of different kinds. Skipping some details, in most cases the ultimate source is hydropower. Possible sources are nuclear power and thermal power stations. For the most of final consumers, the distributing functions are performed by HCS (Housing and Communal Services companies) or companies of “Region-Town-Energo” type. At the beginning of 2016 the cost of “elektroheating” is about 1 UAH/kW.

To take into account getting the heat directly to the consumer’s apartment, house, or other compartment, to the cost of heat generation we will add amortized cost of the equipment, such as cost per hour based on...

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Cамая a large solar power thermal power plant of

in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) was officially started on March 17 the largest solar power thermal power plant in the World. In spite of the fact that the United Arab Emirates are one of world leaders in oil branch, the state activelyRead More

The InterSolar 2015 exhibition – Fotootchet of

From June 9 to June 12 in Munich, Germany successfully passed the event largest in Europe in the industry of solar and renewable energy – the Intersolar 2015 exhibition. The exhibition covers all directions of solar power and other renewables. From theRead More

7 solar wonders of the world of

For anybody not a secret that the solar power is an embodiment of advanced technologies and futuristic design. However, some projects force once again will be convinced, in that on how many the improbable and the embodiment of engineering ideas canRead More

Top of 10 biggest solar photo-electric stations in the World of

At the end of 2011 Ukraine won leadership in the list of the largest photopower plants in the world. We decided to analyse, as the top of 10 largest power plants in the world now looks. 1. Perovo Solar Power Station, Ukraine the Activ Solar CompanyRead More

Review of solar power of Solrico 2012

Summing up 2012 the International agency on market and industry research in the sphere of solar thermal energy of solrico published the next 6th review of the solar thermal industry. This review considerably characterizes global changes inRead More

In Great Britain house power plant of

is built In Britain the power active house which can generate more energy is built, than consumes for own needs. This project received the name Solcer is realized by specialists of university of Cardiff in Bridzhenda, Wales. TheRead More

In Kiev the power marathon second in the history of a planet under the badge of Nikola Tesly of

will take place The Greencubator public organization, the Ukrainian platform of the power innovations useful to society and environment, invites to the second in the world хакатон (a hacker marathon) — on solar energy of Greencubator TeslaCamp. The eventRead More