Barriers to the introduction of PV

Major barriers to the widespread introduction of PV vary from country to country, but usually include the difficulties of providing acceptable financing, organising installation and after-sales service, assuring technical quality through national standards, and providing and distributing appropriate information. Actions to avoid these barriers include • Entering other markets than the classical niche ones, and […]

Developing countries

Conventional rural electrification is usually of little interest for power utilities in developing countries because of the high cost of power lines and the comparatively small sales of electricity. This is why PV Solar Home Systems powering high- efficiency lamps and radio/TV sets provide an increasingly important electrification alternative for rural households, even at present […]

Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation (USA)

Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation (www. hscpoly. com) is based in Hemlock, Michigan. The company is a joint venture of Dow Corning Corporation (63.25%) and two Japanese firms, Shin-Etsu Handotai Co. Ltd. (24.5%) and Mitsubishi Mate­rials Corporation (12.25%). The company is the leading provider of polycrystalline silicon and other silicon-based products used in the semiconductor and solar […]

Market development

18.5.1 OECD countries A few years ago, it was believed that the most promising application for PV in OECD countries would be large, megawatt-sized grid-feeding plants installed by electricity companies in countries with good solar regimes. However, rapid developments in the area of PV building integration in countries at higher latitudes, such as Germany, Switzerland […]