The photovoltaic industry has changed dramatically in the last few years. China has become the major manufacturing country for solar cells and modules, followed by Taiwan, Germany and Japan. Amongst the 20 biggest photovoltaic manufacturers in 2012, only three had production facilities in Europe, namely First Solar (USA, Germany, Malaysia), Hanwha Q Cells (Germany and […]

SunEdison Inc. (USA)

SunEdison, formerly MEMC Electronic Materials Inc. (http://sunedisonsilicon. com), has its headquarters in St. Peters, Missouri. It started operations in 1959 and it makes semiconductor-grade wafers, granular polysilicon, ultra-high purity silane, trichlorosilane, tetrafluorosilane and sodium aluminium tetrafluoride. In February 2011, the company and Samsung entered into a 50/50 equity joint venture to build a polysilicon plant […]


PV costs are decreasing by 5-10% per year. At the time of writing (early 2000), module prices are in the range 3-4 US$/Wp, and complete systems are installed for prices in the range 5-10 US$/Wp, depending on size and type. With a typical annual output between 750 and 1500 kWh per kWp installed, this translates […]