Category: Power Conversion of Renewable Energy Systems


This chapter presents designs of electric automobiles with either battery or fuel cells as energy sources, cogeneration plants including the analysis of gas turbines, pumped-storage hydro plants, supercapacitor power plants, compressed-air storage facilities, magnetic storage plants, and flywheel storage power plants. The transient frequency control of an isolated power plant (islanding operation), the frequency variation […]

Application Example 12.41: Ferroresonance in Three-Phase, Three-Limb Transformer

The ferroresonance study for this application example is performed for an unloaded Y-Y three-phase, three-limb transformer supplied by a three-phase source (Fig. 12.95). The transformer primary and secondary windings are rated at 440 V and 55 V (1 kVA), respectively, and operate at a nominal frequency of 50 Hz. 440 V three-phase feeder system three-phase […]

Power System Conditions Contributive to Ferroresonance

The important question is what conditions in an actual power system are contribu – tive (conducive) to ferroresonance? Some conditions may not by themselves initiate the problem, but they are necessary so that when other conditions are present in a power system, ferroresonance can occur. There are four prerequisites for ferror – esonance [11] • […]

Understanding Ferroresonance

Ferroresonance is known to be caused by the interaction of power system capaci­tances with nonlinear inductances associated with wound magnetic cores in power transformers and instrument voltage transformers. Many stable and unstable operating points (ferroresonance modes) are possible due to the constantly chang­ing transformer inductances during its magnetizing and demagnetizing cycles. Sources of capacitances can […]

The Nonlinear Electric and Magnetic Circuits of Power Transformer

An accurate and relatively simple nonlinear three-phase transformer model for (a) symmetrical, (un)balanced and (non)sinusoidal operation including harmonic dis­tortions, DC biasing, sag/swell and ferroresonance is proposed and implemented in references [44–48]. It is based on the simultaneous solution of electric and magnetic equivalent circuits of three-phase, three-limb transformers. The model has also been tested for […]