Category: Advances in Energy Harvesting Methods

Nonlinear Vibration Energy Harvesting with High-Permeability Magnetic Materials

Xing Xing and Nian X. Sun Abstract In this chapter, we introduce the recent demonstrations of high energy density nonlinear vibration energy harvesting with high-permeability magnetic materials, which show great promise for compact and wideband vibration energy harvesting systems. Two generations of nonlinear vibration energy harvesting technology based on high-permeability magnetic material will be discussed […]

Fabrication and Characterization of MEMS Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters

For applications in microsystems, several studies have focused on developing MEMS-PVEHs using established piezoelectric film processing [25, 29-31]. In macroscale, a number of devices have been successfully developed, tested, and even available commercially (e. g., the test device used in [23] to make a cantilever with a proof mass). While fabrication of MEMS-PVEH devices is […]

Modeling of Various Electroded Piezoelectric Cantilevers for Energy Harvesting

While models for standard capacitor type electrodes—either approximated or detailed—are not hard to find in the literature, only a few modeling approaches have been attempted on IDTE configurations in PVEH devices. Jeon et al. demonstrated a MEMS-scale, {3-3} mode, piezoelectric micro-power generator with IDTEs in [21] where their calculation of output voltage and power is […]

Device Configurations for Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Systems

A single PVEH device typically consists of piezoelectric layers, structural layers, electrode layers, and a proof mass. The most common geometric configurations are cantilever beams or plates, because they are geometrically compatible with MEMS fabrication processes and have proven to be easy to implement and effective for harvesting energy from ambient vibrations [6]. A cantilever […]

Materials and Devices for MEMS Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting

Miso Kim, Seung-Hyun Kim, and Seungbum Hong Abstract Piezoelectric vibration energy harvesters (PVEHs) for microelectrome­chanical systems (MEMS) have received considerable attention as an enabling technology for self-powered wireless sensor networks. MEMS-PVEHs are par­ticularly attractive because of the potential to deliver power required for sensor nodes and their ability to be integrated concurrently with the microfabrication […]