Category: Progress in Sustainable Energy Technologies: Generating Renewable Energy

Operation and Maintenance Costs

A comparison of the non-fuel variable operation and maintenance (O & M) costs distribution for one year operation of the water desalination side are shown in Fig. 45.7. The potential cost savings (i. e. actual—reference) are also shown in Fig. 45.7. Figure 45.7 does not include fixed operation and maintenance costs. The potential savings represent […]

Fuel Utilization

A comparison of the fuel utilization distribution in power generation for 1 year op­eration for the reference and actual plant data are shown in Fig. 45.5. The potential fuel savings (i. e. reference—actual) is also shown in Fig. 45.5. This potential savings represent non-capital-intensive potential improvements in operating efficiencies by continuously positioning operational practice towards […]

Results and Discussions Plant Operating Performance

Case study plant performances are summarized in Figs. 45.3 and 45.4. The energy generated ranges from 240,000 to 460,000 MWH. Water production varied between 3,000,000 and 4,800,000 m3 per month. The power to water ratio ranged between 51.6 and 151.3 kWh/m3. Plant capabilities and availabilities are characteristics of the cogeneration power and water production plant. […]

Plant Operating Efficiency

The operating efficiency of an organization can be measured in many ways. A num­ber of aspects can be considered in evaluating the operating efficiency. Common categories of operating efficiency that are related to operational practices include; fuel acquisition efficiency, plant operating efficiency and capital efficiency. Fuel acquisition is a significant aspect in determining the marginal […]

Energy Conservation

In the public literature, energy conservation methods and techniques have been discussed by many authors including [11]. Energy use issues discussed in this pa­per include; energy in installed capacity, operations and general plant utility man­agement practices. Good plant management practices include: effective repairing of leaks (natural gas and compressed air); maintaining optimum combustion ef­ficiency, as […]