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Task 32 combisystem

Fig. 1. Sketch of the system simulated This system with only a water store is used as the reference system for this study. More detailed information can be found in R. Heimrath and M. Haller [5]. 1.1. Storage system The storage system used in these simulations has different modules of PCM inside the storage tank. […]

Local management functionalities

The local management is regarded in 4 distinct blocks: Photovoltaic systems installed in the municipality; Identification of a determined model and manufacturer for each component; Identification of a determined model and manufacturer of photovoltaic modules; Operational situation of all the components of the installed photovoltaic systems; Identification of the nearest training and maintenance center. (d) […]


The system is modeled and simulated with TRNSYS and the typical meteorological year (TMY) of Nicosia, Cyprus. In this section both TRNSYS and TMY are shortly presented and details of the model are given. 3.1 TRNSYS Program Description TRNSYS is an acronym for a “transient simulation program” and is a quasi-steady simulation model [3]. The […]

Detailed Air-to-Water Heat Exchanger Model for a. Multicomponent Solar Thermal System

Janybek Orozaliev[3] [4]*, Christian Budig1, Klaus Vajen1, Elimar Frank1#,Ruslan Botpaev[5], Alaibek Obozov2 1 Kassel University, Institute of Thermal Energy Engineering, Kassel (Germany) 2 Kyrgyz State Technical University, Department for Renewable Energies, Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan)Corresponding Author, www. solar. uni-kassel. de Abstract A fin-and-tube heat exchanger model is presented in this paper. It uses empirical heat transfer and […]

The development of the simulation environment for the energy. management of the solar assisted district heating grid in Wels

G. Steinmaurer ASiC – Austria Solar Innovation Center, A – 4600 Wels, Roseggerstrasse 12, Austria. steinmaurer, gerald@asic. at Abstract In Wels, Austria, an existing district heating grid with a fossil main heat source and a thermal storage tank will be extended by a solar thermal feed-in. The combination of an existing heat source, a solar […]