Category: EuroSun2008-11

GIS and Renewable Energies

The use of GIS in renewable energy that began in the 90s decade went through considerable progress and as a result various decision support tools were developed [1]. The GIS applications that were developed can be classified in three groups: GIS as a decision support tool for integration of renewable energies on a large scale […]

Irradiative heat loss

Even if many works [3] had analyzed the problem of the heat losses due to radiation and conduction, it is important to introduce a short summary. The first term to be evaluated is the net inward radiative heat flux defined as: (4) The irradiation, G, in general case can be written as: ■ ■ ■: […]

Fourier amplitude sensitivity test

The Fourier amplitude sensitivity test (FAST) is a quantitative method [3]. It computes the contribution of each parameter to variations of the target function. It is called the “main effect” and defined as S, = varx.|£ (y|x >’ (2) j var(y) Variations in numerator and denominator of (2) are multidimensional integrals over appropriate spaces. Their […]

Modelling the solar heating system

In this paragraph the main characteristics of the studied solar heating system and the elaborated physically-based model applied to the system are described in details. 1.1. Main characteristics of the solar heating system The monitored combined solar heating system installed at the campus of Szent Istvan University (SIU), Godollo, Hungary is sketched in Fig. 1. […]