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Greenius – A simulation tool for renewable energy utilisation

J. Dersch1*, K. Hennecke1 and V. Quaschning2 1 DLR – German Aerospace Center, Linder Hohe, 51147 Koln, Germany2 FHTW Berlin, Berlin University of Applied Sciences, Marktstrasse 9, 10317 Berlin, Germany* Corresponding Author, juergen. dersch@dlr. de Abstract Greenius, a software tool for fast calculation of the technical performance and economical figures of merit for different renewable […]

. Functionalities of macro-spatial management

The macro-spatial management is constituted of 5 distinct blocks: Installed photovoltaic systems and types of application; Description of type, operacional situation, fault and model of all the components of the installed photovoltaic systems; Maintanance and training centers; Phase of installation according to PRODEEM and Infrastructure of transmission lines, roads and airports. Fig. 3 shows the […]

Calculation of thermo-mechanical loads on polymeric collectors

The geometry of polymeric collectors differs from standard flat plate collectors due to material properties, the mentioned production methods and the resulting degrees of freedom in design. Various approaches to design a polymeric collector are under discussion. Mechanical stresses occur during operation and stagnation due to thermal expansion and external loads on the collectors. These […]

Validation of Simulation Output

The vacuum tube collector implemented and simulated in OptiCAD was also investigated experimentally at the outdoor test facility of the “Test Centre for Solar Thermal Systems (PZTS)” at the Fraunhofer ISE according to the guidelines of EN 12975-2. The tests include the measurement of the optical efficiency p0 and the IAM-values in the longitudinal and […]

Which way should it face?

Influences of climate, load profile and energy storage on the optimum inclination and orientation for thermal and photovoltaic solar energy collectors Brian Norton Dublin Energy Lab Dublin Institute of Technology Dublin, Ireland president@dit. ie Abstract Climatic and operational factors influencing the optimal orientation of solar energy, primarily photovoltaic, collectors are discussed in the context of […]

Simulation based energy consumption calculation of an office building using solar-assisted air conditioning

S. Thomas* and P. Andre Department of sciences and environmental management, University of Liege 185 Avenue de Longwy, 6700 ARLON, Belgium Corresponding Author, sebastien. thomas@ulg. ac. be Abstract To minimize environmental impact and CO2 production associated with air-conditioning system operation, it is reasonable to evaluate the prospects of a clean energy source. The targets of […]

ICS-SWH Design

The tested aluminium ICS-SWH was designed and manufactured with 3mm thick aluminium sheets incorporating fins to improve the thermal efficiency and structural stability of the heater. The water tank was placed in a hard wooden box insulated with layer of fibre glass wool on all sides and bottom as shown in Figure 1. A gap […]