Category: EuroSun2008-11

Design tool KOLEKTOR

Mathematical model of solar flat-plate liquid collector has been transformed into design tool KOLEKTOR 2.2. The design tool is a computer program with user-friendly interface created in Visual Basic Studio environment. Detailed geometrical and physical parameters of individual solar collector parts are entered through appropriate tool cards (general design parameters, absorber, glazing / insulation, calculation, […]

Description of SIGA SOL 1.0

1.1. Principal menu The SIGA SOL 1.0 ( Geographic Information System Applied to Solar Energy) is made up of three principal blocks: management, planning, and updating of data bank., according to what can be seen in Fig. 1. Management and planning occur at two levels: macro-spatial (state) and local (municipal). The updating of data bank […]

Four fin collector design

The display of the velocity profile was completed in Figure 3. Velocity was observed to increase with the longitudinal length and then decrease as it gets closer to the top of the collector. This can be explained by the accumulation of hot water at the top of the collector reducing the velocity boundary layer and […]