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Driving Less

Perhaps this is too obvious to merit inclusion, but one of the biggest things you can do to help out with our energy problem is simply to drive less. Plan ahead; when you need to run errands, make a route that takes you to all the places you need to go in the most time-saving […]

Investing in Energy Stocks

There are thousands of energy companies, some better than others. Many new startups are dedicated to developing and selling green technologies, for instance solar and wind power companies. Instead of insisting on a maximum return from your investment dollars as your only criteria for investment, you can also look for companies that pro­mote environmentalism. You […]

Living in an Urban Environment

Living in the suburbs entails long drives and big, autonomous homes, along with spacious yards and landscaping. All of this consumes inordinate amounts of energy. If you live in an urban environment, however, you can take advantage of mass transit and the amount of energy required for modu­lar and high-density living is much less than […]

Energy-Efficient Home

In general, the smaller the home, the less energy the home consumes. Many large homes have long hallways and awkward layouts that are not conducive to maximizing space. A good small home can often feel every bit as spacious as a good-sized mansion, if the design is done well. My personal impression of large homes […]

Driving a Hybrid

The cost of a hybrid auto or truck is higher than the cost of an equivalent gasoline-powered vehicle, but you’ll get much better gas mileage, and you’ll be emitting a lot less pollution. So while the upfront cost may be more, you’ll see savings all along the way in terms of paying for gas. See […]