Category: Renewable Energy and the Public

From the Material to the Imagined:. Public Engagement with Low Carbon. Technologies in a Nuclear Community

Catherine Butler, Karen Parkhill and Nick Pidgeon Introduction In debates around low carbon energy technologies, renewable forms of generation are often the focus. In contrast, nuclear power, while being a low carbon form of electricity generation, does not invoke quite the same synonymy with the concept of low carbon energy. In this chapter we examine […]

Use of Bioenergy for Local Heat and. Combined Heat And Power (CHP)

The Winkleigh case study of a relatively large-scale, technologically advanced bio­electricity plant contrasted with our findings on public perceptions of 2030 bioenergy scenarios for the Yorkshire and Humber region of the UK. Use of the Yorkshire and Humber region’s wood resource for small and medium-sized CHP and heat plants was found to be much more […]

Governance and engagement in the Winkleigh case

In addition to assessing perceptions of the planning and related governance system through direct interview questions and focus group discussion, we also used questions relating to perceptions of the level of communication by public bodies on the planning proposal. Between 2004 and 2007, the proportion of people approving of related communication by Torridge District Council […]

A Bioenergy Siting Controversy

Research on attitudes to energy infrastructure repeatedly finds disjunctions between ‘in principle’ positive opinion of renewable energy options and opposi­tion ‘on the ground’. In the UK, national and regional public opinion surveys have found widespread support for renewable energy in general in Great Britain and Northern Ireland (e. g. Barker and Riddington, 2003a, b; MORI, […]

Heat and Light: Understanding. Bioenergy Siting Controversy

Paul Upham Introduction This chapter draws together some of the insights from an interdisciplinary research programme that has investigated public and stakeholder attitudes to the cultivation and use of biomass for energy in the UK. The key empirical focus here is a bioenergy siting controversy involving a nationally significant advanced bioenergy gasifier, which serves to […]