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Project organisation

The project is divided into 5 major work packages covering all the aspects of technology dissemination like training, test methods development, in-situ monitoring, standardisation, implementation of public policy, and systems development.

2.1. Qualitative evaluation of combisystems

Until now solar combisystems sold on the market are only partly prefabricated systems, most of them are still consisting of quite a number of components which need to be put together by the installer on the construction site. Also, several controller settings of one or more controllers (e. g. solar controller, boiler controller, space heating controller) often need to be done in a correct way to start and run a solar heating system...

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Measured energy quantities

The measurements started in August 2004. Not all the energy quantities mentioned in section 3.1 were measured during the whole measuring period. A constant energy quantity of 10.67 kWh per m3 natural gas is assumed.

The total heat demand of the house, that is: Space heating demand + domestic hot water consumption + heat loss from circulation pipe, and the natural gas consumption month by month appear from figure 5. Both the heat demand and the natural gas consumption are much lower after the installation of the solar heating system than before. The reasons for the reduced natural gas consumption are:

• The decreased heat demand due to warm weather in the autumn of 2006, in 2007 and in 2008.

• The new energy system with solar collectors and an improved natural gas boiler.

Подпись: Month Fig. 5. Measured total heat demand and natural gas consumption for the house.

The dif...

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