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Design of Hot Water Heating System for Low-rise Apartment House

S. Kaneko1* , M. Udagawa1 and T. Kusunoki1 1 Kogakuin University, 1-24-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 163-8677, JAPAN* Corresponding Author, dm07014@ns. kogakuin. ac. jp Abstract Total performance of solar hot water heating(DHW) system for an apartment house of 10 housing units was examined using the detailed simulation with EESLISM [4]. The simulation was carried out to […]

The new solar combisystem concept

The complete solar combisystem consists of two units, the “Technical Unit” and the “Solar Store Unit” (see Fig 1 and Fig. 2). In the technical unit all components like boiler, pumps, mixing valve, switching valves, heat exchangers, hot water preparation unit, expansion vessels, etc. are pre-installed. The main difference of this concept compared to existing […]

Rise in energy prices

The simulations of the base case were calculated with a comparably small rise in energy prices of 1.3 %/a for natural gas and 0.3 %/a over 20 years for electricity [6]. However the current development of prices in Germany amounts to 9.7 %/a (non inflation-adjusted) over the last seven years [7] which indicates a higher […]

Solar Combi+: Identification of most promising markets and promotion of standardised. system configurations for small scale solar heating & cooling applications

A. Troi[9]*, Y. Vougiouklakis2, E. Korma2, D. Jahnig3, E. Wiemken4, G. Franchini5, D.Mugnier6, B. Egilegor7, P. Melograno1, W. Sparber1 1 EURAC, Institute for Renewable Energy, Viale Druso, 1, 39100 Bolzano, Italy2 CRES, Centre for Renewable Energy Systems, 19th km Marathonos Ave.,190 09 Pikermi, Greece3 AEE INTEC, Institute for Sustainable Technolgies, Feldgasse 19, 8200 Gleisdorf, Austria4 […]

The solar DHW system

The simulated building is an apartment house of two storied with 10 housing units. The central type of DHW supply system was assumed, which composed of solar collector units, a storage tank and a boiler on the roof as shown in Fig.1. As the simulation result of the past study [1-3] showed that the efficiency […]

Summary and outlook

The directive for optimising the solar collector area and the storage device capacity based on economical and ecological criteria leads to a comprehensive evaluation of the system and its components. The variation of parameters concerning the thermal behaviour as well as the costs of solar collectors has revealed a high potential for reducing both the […]