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Simulated system

There are several possible ways to connect a solar thermal plant to a DH network, with no proven general optimal system layout. The chosen system design principle is shown in fig 2., where the storage tank is connected in parallel with boilers. The control system keeps the outlet temperature from the collector array always above […]

Solar thermal markets in Europe

Currently, solar thermal markets are growing all over Europe (see Fig. 7), even if with different path and different focus: Germany is still the largest market; Austria and Greece are among countries with the highest per capita collector area, but while in the first solar combi systems become increasingly important (35% of installed area), in […]

Control of a domestic hot water solar heater with weather forecast

Mihai Radulescu1* and Aude Lepeltier2 1 EDF R&D Site des Renardieres, Dept EnerBat, Avenue des Renardieres – Ecuelles, 77818 Moret sur Loing2 Ecole des Mines de Douai, 941 rue Charles Bourseul, BP 10838, 59508 Douai Cedex* Corresponding author, mihai. radulescu@edf. fr Abstract This paper presents the efficiency improvement and electricity economy obtained by introducing an […]

Owners satisfaction

As a result of system follow-up it was possible to visit the system and talk with some of the owners which lead to the detection of some problems: Tenants refer to be happy with the general performance of the system since spring 2008 and to have no need to use the back up boiler for […]

Case 1 feasibility

The feasibility and sensitivity analysis for Case 1 with pellets and oil as fuel are shown in fig 3. With today’s pellet prices a feasible payback period cannot be found during the plants estimated lifetime. With annual pellet price increases of between 5-10% the feasible payback periods start to come within the range of the […]

Air conditioning costumer needs

To estimate the potential of small scale Solar Combi+ systems, a market survey among AC systems retailers was conducted – the target group being the consumers, but the source to collect and analyze the necessary data the retailers, who could provide data not only on volume of sales but also on consumers attitude. Even if […]

Cost/Benefit Ratio Analysis of a Maximum Lean. Solar Combisystem

R. Haberl1*, E. Frank1, P. Vogelsanger2 1 Institut fuer Solartechnik SPF, HSR University of Applied Sciences of Rapperswil,Oberseestrasse 10, 8640 Rapperswil, Switzerland 2 Ingenieurburo Peter Vogelsanger, Nidelbadstrasse 94, 8038 Zurich, Switzerland* Corresponding Author, robert. haberl@solarenergy. ch Abstract The effect of various parameters on the cost, the performance and the optimum dimensions of a combined solar […]