Human security and global warming: Challenges before the two religions in Nigeria

With the magnitude of poverty steering the nation in the face, the unacceptable high level of corruption, an unpardonable mismanagement in the high places and lack of commitment to sustainable development, fundamentalist interpretation of sacred scriptures (‘bad’ theology) has no place in a secular society like the one of Nigeria. In the Nigerian situation, what […]

Preaching ‘bad theology’ (fundamentalism)

Unfortunately, the former President Olusegun Obasanjo in the Nigerian context saw his presidency as God ordained and his battle of administration and policies as God’s. The Nigerian Tribune of 11/1/2004, on the starting of a four-day warning strike called by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) to protest increase of prices of petroleum products beautifully captured […]

Passive acceptance of the faith

Some Christian denominations place great stretch on the end of the world (end-time). These proponents are keen to see ‘biblical prophecies’ being fulfilled everywhere. They dwell extensively on the apocalyptic (from the Greek word for ‘vision’) parts of the Bible namely the books of Daniel, Revelation, Ezekiel, Joel and Zephaniah. They give prominence to the […]

Some internal sources of religious conflict that threaten human security

4.1 Christianity In the Christian context there are some inherent sources of conflict. One of them has to do with Dogmatism in the interpretation of the Christian Scriptures 4.1.1 Dogmatism in the interpretation of the Christian scriptures One of the basic principles in the interpretation of the word of God in the contemporary world is […]

Some underling Christian and Islam theological principles

Here, it is necessary to establish some of the principles underlying Christian and Islamic theologies. Basic principles underlying these theologies consist of many elements. Some of these are first, that theology is the systematic study of God in himself and his relationships with all he has created both the living and non-living beings, and human […]