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Research projects

After acquiring the proper experience on lab kits students are ready for more complicated and creative work (Fig.15). One of the authors has a positive experience of teaching students of Oregon Institute of Technology using small scale real photo-thermal stationary concentrator created at University of Oregon. At the same time it should be remarked that […]

A Small-Scale Solar Still – Pilot Project for the Expansion of Technical Education in Cape Verde

N. Hanson[20] * and B. Newhouse11 Peace Corps Cape Verde, 373 Prainha, Praia, Ilha de Santiago, Republic of Cape Verde* Corresponding Author, nfhanson@gmail. com Abstract A simple solar still project was introduced into the curriculum of a secondary technical school, [Escola Tecnica – Grao Duque Henri] in Cape Verde, to enhance the education quality and […]

E-learning module on the platform

One of the tasks of the project, was the elaboration of a platform on Internet to access to the different e-learning modules developed. The E-learning modules are therefore composed by 9 lessons. Next is a brief description of them. Chapter 1: basic concepts on solar radiation This first chapter deals with the basic concepts needed […]

The Active Solar Building – Overview of the SRA of the ESTTP and Synergy with other Technology

Platforms Volker Wittwer Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, Heidenhofstr. 2, 79110 Freiburg, Germany Abstract In this paper, an overview of the content of the strategic research agenda of the European Solar Thermal Technology Platform in the area of active solar buildings will be given. The vision for a sustainable energy supply of our buildings […]

A Modern Sustainable Solar Building. – Self Sufficient And Independent

M. V. Vijaya Padma1* and M. V.Bhaskara Rao21 Senior Architect, Vignanodai (R&D), D-5 / 79 Kendria Vihar, Yelahanka,Bangalore – 560064, India. 2 Professor Emeritus, Vignanodai (R&D), Sir M. M. VIT, International Airport Road, Bangalore-562157, India * kittapadma@yahoo. com Abstract Good air, water, power and fuel are the critical elements needed for the survival of humanity […]