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General description of the work

The first step towards improvement of technical knowledge and consequent extension of small scale RES market is the training of people involved in the supply chain of RES in the building and energy sector, thus creating a deeper knowledge of more sustainable building technologies and good practices for heat and power production and savings. This […]

Quantitative Signs of Goal Attainment

In workshops conducted on rural energy, women constituted approximately 40% of the participants. This is in addition to the seminar on energy and water usage which was given exclusively for women in Banga village. Also, about one-third of workshop facilitators were women. An energy institute for girls designed to cultivate their interest in SMET education […]

The installed capacity

The collector area is a useful figure for the solar thermal experts, but it cannot be compared with the installed capacity in other fields. Therefore the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling programme, Estif and other trade associations have adopted a value of 0,7 kw/m2 as average capacity [10]. This conversion factor has been adopted by […]

Shiraz Prototype Solar power plant

Shiraz power plant is a parabolic trough solar thermal power plant which uses parabolic trough collectors in order to produce electricity from sunlight. The parabolic trough collectors are structures with long rows of curved glass mirrors focusing the suns energy on an absorber pipe located along its focal line. These collectors arranged rows in the […]

Analysis and Discussion

2.4.1 Relationships between sunshine availability and affectivity, stress and well-being Further to the last comment above, it is interesting initially to test a very simple relationship – positive and negative affectivity scores (with mean averages from 1-5) as a function of the percentage of glass to living room floor area – see Fig.1; where high […]

European framework

"Europe needs a competition among communities to push for the best concepts for a broad introduction of solar energy in housing construction and urban development." [1] On January, 23rd 2008, the European Commission delivered the first draft of the Directive, which aims at reorganising support schemes and targets for all renewable energy sources (RES), where […]

Master Degree Courses

Masters courses are to be introduced at the three African Universities in the PREA project for capacity building in education and training and to promote sustainability concepts in the design, construction and occupancy of buildings. The long term target is to train academicians for more research and further propagation of these ideas and concepts in […]