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The subject in own didactic activity

This group of statements was designed to assess the state of art regarding the implementation of renewable energy subject in the didactic activity at micro level, which is the classroom level. The statements included here: (1) “I teach topics related to renewable Energy during my courses” and (2) “I have knowledge and competencies for teaching […]

Project Results

This project whose central objective was to use renewable energy technology to break the barrier which had held rural women back from full participation in SMET education and the national economy produced good results in the short term and holds a promise for the future. Activities were designed not only to use the technology to […]

Thesis project

This is currently run over about three months during the spring semester. SERC offers a range of topics for projects, most of which are related to ongoing research projects or for building up the infrastructure for the ESES programme itself, such as new labs. In addition students are encouraged to search for projects at other […]

Key Physical Characteristics of Case Studies

2.1 Solar and Non-solar tower blocks, Gorbals The 23-storey ‘solar’ tower block has been retrofitted as such, with unheated glazed spaces buffering generously glazed, east or west facing living rooms, since 2003. Originally completed in 1958, the blocks underwent an earlier phase of upgrade in the mid-1990s, with insulation, for example, lowering U-values of the […]

Conclusions and next steps

There is growing interest in highly glazed building facades, driven by a variety of architectural, aesthetic, business and environmental rationales. The environmental rationale appears plausible only if conventional glazing systems are replaced by a new generation of high performance, interactive, intelligent faqade systems, that meet the comfort and performance needs of occupants while satisfying owner […]

African – European Partnership

PREA is a joint project between four European Universities (London Metropolitan University, UK; University of La Rochelle, France; National and Kapodestrian University of Athens, Greece; Dortmund University of Technology) and three African Universities (University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, Uganda Martyrs University in Uganda, Witwatersrand University in South Africa), as well as the International […]

Lab and GIS Equipment for Teaching Solar Energy

D. Strebkov, I. Tyukhov*, M. Schakhramanyan All Russian Research Institute for Electrification of Agriculture, 1-st Veschnyakovsky proezd, 2, Moscow109456, Russia1, Moscow, Russia, Tel: (495) 171-05-23, 171-19-20, Fax: (495)170-51-01: * Corresponding Author, ityukhov@yahoo. com Abstract The solar industry and growing PV market is looking for good prepared in solar energy young people. Students are interested in […]