Category: EuroSun2008-9

Description of Program Activities

Renewable Energy for the Empowerment of Mozambique Women and Girls (REEMWaG) was a composite project consisting of a community outreach development, technology transfer, and training and capacity building. Project activities were community driven and laid emphasis on the inclusion of women and girls both in decision making and project implementation. Details of specific project activities […]

Electrical system

Electrical generation is from a combination of a 40Wp PV donated by Solar Century Ltd and located on the roof of the van cab and a 100Wp wind turbine donated by Ampair Ltd located on the roof of the van on a hinged frame so it can be lowered when the van is being driven. […]

Waste-water recycling

All wastewater (grey water) is treated, through a process of filtration, aeration and ionization to be reused for gardens in a way that such water eventually percolates into the open wells and so completing the loop of use and generation. This treated water is also used in the toilets. Kitchen wastes are segregated into organic […]


Most new products developed and introduced in the market by manufacturers are market flops, being the major reason for this the poor understanding of users’ needs in manufacturers’ innovations (Von Hippel, 2006). This fact outlines the importance that user innovations have and raises the question on how should users be incentive to innovate. Users as […]


The first thermal regulation was adopted in 2000 and now is going to be published the second phase concerning the thermal requirements of the building envelope elements (windows, walls and roofs). Although the existence of the thermal regulation, the social houses in Chile, have enormous deficiencies related with the thermal insulation application, ventilation and condensation […]

Mondial Energy’s Business Model

Mondial Energy Inc. was founded in 2004 as a financial intermediary. Mondial’s role is to contract with the building owner to sell them renewable energy over a long term contract period, concentrating initially on solar thermal energy. Mondial then purchases a system from a design – build supplier to be installed on the customer’s roof. […]