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The installed capacity

The collector area is a useful figure for the solar thermal experts, but it cannot be compared with the installed capacity in other fields. Therefore the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling programme, Estif and other trade associations have adopted a value of 0,7 kw/m2 as average capacity [10]. This conversion factor has been adopted by […]

Analysis and Discussion

2.4.1 Relationships between sunshine availability and affectivity, stress and well-being Further to the last comment above, it is interesting initially to test a very simple relationship – positive and negative affectivity scores (with mean averages from 1-5) as a function of the percentage of glass to living room floor area – see Fig.1; where high […]

Master Degree Courses

Masters courses are to be introduced at the three African Universities in the PREA project for capacity building in education and training and to promote sustainability concepts in the design, construction and occupancy of buildings. The long term target is to train academicians for more research and further propagation of these ideas and concepts in […]

Sustainable Energy Systems Studies. at the University of Lisbon

J. Maia Alves1*, Joao M. Serra1, Miguel C. Brito1, Guilherme Carrilho da Gra^a1, PierreHollmuller1, Killian Lobato1, Antonio Vallera1, Antonio Joyce2 and Isabel Cabrita3 1 University of Lisbon, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Geographical Engineering, Geophysics and Energy2 INETI, Department of Renewable Energies, Lisbon, Portugal3 INETI, Department of Energy Engineering and Environmental Control, Lisbon, Portugal *jma@fc. […]

Community water supply

The village power could also be used for water pumping to provide portable water for the village dwellers. This will cut down on the labor and time women spend to fetch water for drinking and other uses in their families thereby freeing up time for them to participate in learning and other social and economic […]

Project description

The PV architecture is a new concept for Romania. Consequently, the project aims to achieve demonstrative designs of ecological solar buildings containing in their structure photovoltaic elements, passive solar elements, and modern systems for day lighting. These will be available on-line on the web-site of the project and, additionally, will be presented to building contractors […]