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MM5 Setup

The spatial configuration of the MM5 used in this work consisted in five nested domains and twenty four unevenly spaced sigma levels. The domains has an horizontal resolution of 71, 27,9, 3 and 1 km, respectively. The results of the last domain, of 1km resolution, were finally evaluated. Two-ways nesting was used to feed the […]

Benchmarking measures and rules

Benchmarking of solar radiation products can be done in different ways. If a kind of reference data is available which is assumed to be the “truth”, the modelled data sets can be compared and ranked how well they represent the reference data. But there is not always reference data available: e. g. for solar radiation […]

Analysis of the incoming solar radiation and other significant. parameters to estimate the solar resource at eight sites in Galicia (NW Spain)

Alberto Pettazzi, Jose Antonio Souto Gonzalez* Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Santiago de Compostela, Lope Gomez de Marzoa St., Campus Sur. 15782 Santiago de Compostela, SpainCorresponding author, ia. souto@,usc. es Abstract The evaluation of the solar resource in a region needs the characterization of different meteorological parameters. In this work, an analysis of global […]

Solar radiation forecasting with WRF model in the Iberian Peninsula

L. Martin1*, E. Lorenz2, A. Sood2, L. F. Zarzalejo1, K. Suselj2,J. Polo1, A. Navarro1, R. Marchante3 1 CIEMAT, Department of Energy, Av. Complutense n°22, Madrid, 28040, Spain2 Oldenburg University, Germany Energy and Semiconductor Research Laboratory Energy Meteorology Group3 IrSOLaV, Calle Santiago Grisolia (PTM) 2, Tres Cantos, 28045, Madrid, Spain* Corresponding Author, luis. martin@ciemat. es Abstract […]

. Locally linear prediction

The easiest nonlinear method of local prediction was developed by Lorenz [4] and called method of analogies. Let be xt a point within the d-dimensional phase space, the predicted value a time T later, xt+T, will belong to some kind of interpolation between known points xt1+T, …, xtr+T, where x;7, …, xtr are the nearest […]

Mapping Solar Radiation in Southern Spain using residual kriging

H. ALSAMAMRA*, J. A. RUIZ-ARIAS, D. POZO-VAZQUEZ and J. TOVAR-PESCADOR MATRAS Group, Department of Physics, Campus Lagunillas, 23071, University of Jaen, Spain* Corresponding Author, husain@,uiaen. es Abstract This study presents a comparative analysis of the ordinary and residual kriging methods for mapping, on a 1 km by 1 km grid size, monthly-averaged daily global radiation […]

User guide of best practices

User guidance is one of the main objectives of the MESoR project. This will be realized by the development of a guide of best practices in the application of solar resource data. The above described benchmarking will be one chapter in this guide. The results will give the users a better indication of the uncertainty […]

Material and methods

The meteorological and climatic features of Galicia are monitored by a network made up by 93 weather stations, located all over the region covering the usual meteorological parameters. Ten – minute averaged data were collected for both monitoring and climatic studies. The network is managed by MeteoGalicia, the Galician weather service (www. meteogalicia. es). Currently, […]