Old Farming Traditions Were Friendly to Life

Schauberger often reminded himself of traditional methods used by the old farmers to increase their harvests. For example, at certain times they would add finely-chopped coniferous branches to the soil, adding valuable trace elements without realizing it

The supposedly simple farmers, who include the high forest farmers of Muhlviertel [a region in the Bavarian forests] grew, for about forty years, the best potatoes and the heaviest oats. If you asked a farmer how this was achieved he would, with an artful smile, prompdy reply that you must always remain true to the very ancient beliefs of the land and avoid any kind of instruction, if you want to be fortunate in agriculture.

Schauberger liked to mix with the old farmers, and they with him...

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Contemporary Technology’s Destruction of Agriculture

After World War II Schauberger concentrated a lot on agricultural problems. Despite his meagre resources he thought it possible to make a contribution in this area. The contemporary destruction of forests and water must ultimately be harmful to man, he realized, particularly in the way it prevents the building up of natural nutrition, a vital process to soil fertility.

The farmers work hand in hand with our foresters. The blood of the earth continuously weakens, and the product­ivity of the soil decreases. There is fortunately an awareness of the necessity of fertilizing, but now the chemist enters the scene and scatters his salts.

After only a few years there is evidence that soil treated with artificial fertilizer is seen reduced to d...

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At the Mauthausen Concentration Camp

After a while Schauberger received his call-up. It was now 1943, and even older men were being drafted. He was

eventually appointed the commandant of a parachute company in Italy,46 but after a short stay, orders came from Himmler that he should present himself at the S. S. college at Vienna – Rosenhugel. When he arrived, he was taken to the concen­tration camp at Mauthausen, where he was to contact the S. S. standartenfuhrer (standards leader) Zeireis, who told him he had a personal greeting from Himmler. ‘We have considered your scientific research and think there is something in it. You can now either choose to take charge of a scientific team of technicians and physicians from among the prisoners, to develop machines utilizing the energy you have discovered, or you will be hanged.’


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Schauberger is Taken to a Mental Hospital

When the war interrupted the experiments in Nurnberg, Schauberger returned to Austria, and at the same time his son was called up. Some time later he was ordered to attend a physical examination, as he was soon to reach pensionable age. However, it looked as though an engineering and archi­tectural association was behind this demand for a check-up. Without the least suspicion he presented himself at the appointed place, but was taken to another clinic for a ‘special examination’. To his shock and dismay he was unexpectedly interviewed in a mental hospital. He understood that his enemies wished to render him harmless. He told himself that his only chance to get out was to remain calm and collected, and not to display the abrasive side of his nature...

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Electricity from Water

In 1938 Germany annexed Austria. Soon afterwards Schau­berger received notice from Julius Streicher that all possible requests should be granted him on Hitler’s orders. He was to be given 10 million marks to plan the forest logging and flotation structures in Bavaria, North Austria and in Bohemia. Furthermore, Professor Kotschau’s laboratory in Nurnberg was to be made available for his research.

Schauberger sent a message to his son Walter, who had completed his examinations for a diploma in engineering at the technical college in Dresden, and asked him to come to Nurnberg to help with the experiments. Walter had found it difficult to accept all his father’s theories, and had remained somewhat sceptical. In time, however, he became convinced that his father was right.

They continued the e...

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Summoned to the Chancellery

An industrial magnate, Herr Roselius from Bremen, had heard about Schauberger’s ‘living water’ in 1934, and had contacted him to obtain the rights for Germany. It was through Roselius that Hitler came to hear of the Austrian with his original ideas about technology, and his strange inventions.

Austria was not at that time annexed, and the atmosphere between the two governments was somewhat strained. One day the German embassy requested that one named Viktor Schauberger should present himself in order to receive a visa to go for an audience with Hitler. Schauberger came to meet Hitler who showed himself to be well informed about his earlier work, and requested a thorough explanation of his ideas and his scientific research...

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Trout Turbine

Schauberger turned his attention to constructing a machine designed to produce energy direcdy from air and water. He worked in 1931-32 with Dr Winter, an engineer from Vienna However, the results they achieved had only curiosity value. He therfore returned to the question of trout in mountain streams, and how they could apparently harness energy from the water. Finally, he was convinced that he had solved the problem. The trout takes in water through its mouth, and expels it through its gills. By trimming the almost microscopic leading edges of the gills, the water is given a strong inrushing movement (analagous to the hyperbolic centripetal spiral movement)...

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New Motor Fuel Through Biosynthesis

One alternative to explosive technology that Schauberger investigated was a new motor fuel that could be used in ordinary combustion engines, but without the dangerous waste products.

He had discovered that water in a constructive hyperbolic motion had the ability to create different forms of synthesis. He redesigned the apparatus he had constructed for his living water experiments, to bring about the synthesis of hydro­carbons suitable for fuel. He felt that it should be possible from low quality raw materials to create a product with a high energy content

He was reputed to have obtained traces of a petroleum-like product in his apparatus. He refers in his writings to ‘highly potent water’ that he could now manufacture in his ‘repulsator’.

If water is sprayed into a cylinder and a quanti...

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