Fantasy or Reality?

In 1956 the Austrian author and occultist Leopold Brandstatter wrote the book Implosion instead of Explosion. The author wanted, through this book, to publicize the name of Viktor Schauberger to a wider public, and to generate opinion against the increasing nuclear danger. The book attempted to show that there was already an alternative, which did […]


Experiments at the Technical College in Stuttgart In 1952 the federal university concerned with the management of water resources asked Professor Franz Popel of the college to undertake certain experiments to test Viktor Schauberger’s theories about water. When Walter and Viktor Schauberger came to participate in the experiments, Professor Popel was unwilling to go through […]

The Spiral Plough

Schauberger also wondered if the conventional plough even functioned biologically correctly. Here, also, his ideas on the The spiral plough should duplicate the work of the mole. The dashed line with an arrow shows the movement of soil through the plough. importance of natural motion were relevant. It occurred to him that soil should be […]