Physics and the Vortex

by Peter Hewitt The concept of the vortex was central to Schauberger’s work. It is also emerging to have application to fundamental physics. The vortex is a key principle which casts new light on the findings of physics. The vortex points to a completely new understanding of the physical world. At the same time, it […]

Viktor Schauberger’s View of Attitudes to Nature and Environmental Care

It is likely that Viktor Schauberger’s ideas, and the research he has inspired, will stimulate radical new thinking about environ­mental care on several different fronts. He criticized prevailing science’s understanding of Nature for ‘thinking one octave too low’. He meant that the mechanical materialistic approach dominated at the expense of a qualitative view of Nature. […]

Continuing Research

After Viktor Schauberger’s death, biotechnical research has, in a practical way, concentrated on developing new methods and apparatus for the caring of the environment and for bio­synthesis. In Sweden there has also been background research into the physics of water and forests, from the direction pointed to by Schauberger’s work. Projects for water and air […]


Viktor Schauberger’s life’s work was not buried with him. The thoughts he threw out to the world continue after his death, and inspire other scientists to condnue his works. Soon after Viktor Schauberger’s death a working co­operation was established between those who were closest to him. The Biotechnical Academy was formed in Austria under the […]


When Viktor Schauberger died, an extraordinary and moving personal crusade ended. All his life he had fought for water, forest and soil, for Nature’s wholeness and order, but he had seldom received any acclaim. Attacked, pursued, persecuted, interned, and finally sick and impoverished, he continued to search for a last chance of realizing his dream […]