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A Sensitivity Analysis Of A Desiccant Wheel

P. Bourdoukan1[16], E. Wurtz2, P. Joubert1 and M. Sperandio1 1 LEPTIAB, Universite de La Rochelle La Rochelle, Avenue Marillac, 17000 La Rochelle, France2 Universite de Savoie, Campus Scientifique, 73376 Le Bourget du Lac, France* Corresponding Author, paul. bourdoukan@univ-lr. fr Abstract Desiccant cooling powered by solar energy and using water as a refrigerant has a low […]

Experimental validation

The experimental installation presented in section 2 is used to validate the above presented model. Different inlet conditions were considered with temperature varying form 25°C to 38°C and humidity ratio from 10 to 15 g/kg and for different regeneration temperature (55°C, 60°C 65°C, 70°C and 80°C). The figure 2 [9] plots the temperature error versus […]

Sensitivity results and analysis

4.1 Results Experiments have been conducted on the desiccant wheel with the parameters (e. g. outside temperature, outside humidity ratio, regeneration temperature and regeneration humidity ratio) varying in the range defined in the section 2. The complete DOE of 4 parameters operating between 2 levels needs 24=16 experiments. When a combination of the studied parameters […]