Category: EuroSun2008-7

Overview of operation period

The results presented here correspond to the operation period from June 4th, 2007 to December 1st, 2007. From these 180 days the system was in operation during 108 day. The days without operation were either weekends or days without monitoring data due to a lightning stroke into the data acquisition system. Within these 108 days […]

Sensitivity results and analysis

4.1 Results Experiments have been conducted on the desiccant wheel with the parameters (e. g. outside temperature, outside humidity ratio, regeneration temperature and regeneration humidity ratio) varying in the range defined in the section 2. The complete DOE of 4 parameters operating between 2 levels needs 24=16 experiments. When a combination of the studied parameters […]

Operation of the adsorption chiller

Performance of the chiller In order to evaluate the performance of the chiller a comparison of experimentally measured cooling capacities and COPs with expected values from calculations is shown in Fig. 2. The experimental values were selected according to the following criteria: 1. a continuous operation during the whole hour as well as in the […]

Simulation Model and Validation

A detailed full dynamic simulation model of the installed system which considers the electricity consumption of all installed components (fans, pumps, etc.) has been developed by zafh. net in the simulation environment INSEL [5]. The simulation model is used to analyse the effect of different storage charge and discharge options. A very small time step […]

Results of most promising cases

In table 1 the selected building applications and energy efficiency standards are described. [7] Coefficient of Performance (COP) = cooling or heating output (kW) divided by electrical input. The only electrical input is 4 small circulation pumps and internal controls. COP in conventional compressor-based chillers and packaged air conditioning units is usually stated as cooling […]