Category: EuroSun2008-7

Results of most promising cases

In table 1 the selected building applications and energy efficiency standards are described. [7] Coefficient of Performance (COP) = cooling or heating output (kW) divided by electrical input. The only electrical input is 4 small circulation pumps and internal controls. COP in conventional compressor-based chillers and packaged air conditioning units is usually stated as cooling […]

Heating power and COP

As for the cooling operation, for the following statistics on hourly values, only hours with a constant operation of the machine were considered in order to be sure to consider steady state conditions only. This covers more than 63% of the hours with operation, as can be deduced from Table 1. Fig. 8 shows the […]

Operation temperatures

Fig. 10 shows the statistics of the driving temperatures. It can be seen, that in the heating mode driving temperatures below 68°C were also used. Unlike in the cooling mode, where the temperature in the buffer storage is used in order to decide whether high enough temperatures are available for operation, in the heating mode […]


G. Gutierrez*, P. Rodriguez, A. Lecuona, M. Venegas, J. Nogueira Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M). Departamento de Ingenieria Termica y de Fluidos. Avda.Universidad 30, 28911 Leganes, Madrid, Spain * Corresponding Author, glgutier@ing. uc3m. es Abstract An experimental facility applying the concept of adiabatic absorption has been designed and built in Universidad Carlos III de […]