Category: Technology Challenges


What role should training play both for managers and other personnel if the indi­viduals selected are assumed to have the requisite skills and knowledge for their specific job assignments? Training has two essential elements for personnel head­ing out for a lunar assignment. The first element is to acquaint every individual with the assorted operational and […]

Management Issue: Basic Human Resource Management (See: Kutschera and Ryan 2010)

29.1.1 Selection Recruitment and selection will be challenging tasks that are essential for the suc­cess of business driven activities on the Moon. The actual recruiting, i. e. attracting qualified candidates to apply for open positions, might not be as problematic since one anticipates enough interest from highly qualified individuals to work “abroad” (even, or especially, […]

Management Issue: Planning for the Extreme

Planning in general is the critical management component for long duration and/or remote activities. Planning is particularly important when transportation and communication are irregular, prone to disruption or subject to various interrup­tions. The inability to provide rescue or relief imparts a necessary condition of an­ticipating not just some possible problems to be overcome. In some […]

Management Issue: Management of Operational Transitions

Space-related activity in its present form is primarily driven by government – initiated or government-supported operations. The principal source of space activi­ty in the United States has been the National Aeronautics and Space Administra­tion (NASA) for half a century. In Europe, the European Space Administration (ESA) has served as the hub for the various national […]

Management Issue: Management by Default

The general factors that should be examined from a management perspective might be the same for a lunar facility as compared to one operating on earth but the actual application can vary tremendously. For example, planning, motivation, leadership, decision-making, teamwork, conflict resolution, employee selection, training, communication and culture are all components of the management envi­ronment […]

Applied Management Principles

The application of management principles in a lunar context can be very challeng­ing and straightforward at the same time. The ambiguity is a function of the inhe­rent difficulties of the environment and the characteristics of the individuals needed to work there. Management practice is very clear for some situations. Oth­er circumstances, especially those bringing together […]