Category: Technology Challenges

Uncharted Territory

What lies beyond the boundaries of traditional management are the things that of­ten do not get discussed. Relationships were described in a previous section in the context of privacy. However, managers could still pretend that they do not know what may be going on behind the closed door. Unfortunately, once large numbers of people work […]


Community as a concept is fairly simple. A group of people who work and live together come to know and appreciate all of the strengths and weaknesses of their respective group mates. Large numbers of individuals living, working and inte­racting for long periods of time in large communities is rare apart from some large expatriate […]

Living Arrangements

Only in rare circumstances, such as in the off-shore oil industry, are general man­agers concerned about employee living arrangements. It is often necessary for managers in remote locations or where housing and/or work facilities are limited or extremely expensive to manage living arrangements. Managerial intrusions are generally limited, even in such circumstances. The Moon will […]

Health Care

Few managers are acutely concerned with health care except as an issue related to benefits. In that context, a manager is often more concerned with the cost of health insurance to his/her employees and by extension to his/her organization than with the underlying health care process. Lunar-based managers will by necessity view health care and […]


What does it take for people to want to live and ultimately enjoy living and working on the Moon over an extended period of time? What are the prerequisites for high job satisfaction, resulting in consistently high job performance? Lunar operations will no doubt be facing some of the same issues that other small communities […]